About Irma Boyle

Specializing in helping professionals and their families improve their health and increase their vitality and energy. Helping individuals be the Healthiest that they can Be!

Irma is a natural medicine woman using the medical system of Medical Heilkunst. She is also Transformational Physician and Investigator and Influencer of the Unconscious.  She partners with individuals who want to understand more about their health, who are interested in using natural medicine to improve it and transform blocked energy (symptoms) into available energy and be the healthiest that they can be. She helps her clients get the Wealth of Health they want and deserve.

The end result is being healthier, happier, more vibrant health, more natural energy and resolving health issues.

A lot of us:

  • Have some kind of health issue that we want to overcome
  • Don’t take care of ourselves first and therefore don’t feel as healthy as we would like to be
  • Put our career before our health

It is time to step out of procrastination and putting off the investment in your health. There is no time like the present.


Irma Boyle DMH, B.A. Psych is a Medical Heilkunst Practitioner and Transformational Energy Physician with a broad range of experience, education and an amazing ability to bring improved health to people’s lives. She has an understanding of the dynamics of health and ill health of the whole person and brings this to her practice. She is an investigator of the unconscious. She helps people achieve improved overall health, and increased vibrancy in their lives on all levels, usually more than they ever expected. She helps to transform peoples lives.  Underneath the layers of ill health is the brilliance of each individual that is waiting to shine through.

Irma’s passion is to partner with her clients on their journey to improved health. She successfully treats all types of health issues.

Natural medicine is used to treat health issues and therapeutic education is used to better understand the natural processes of the body. As a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and an Transformational Energy Physician,  Irma is committed to walking with people on their journey to better health – physically, emotionally, mentally and soul/spiritually. She excitedly watches them unfold and discover more of themselves and their health potential as their health issues are healed.

She partners with individuals who are interested in using natural medicine and natural energy to treat their health issues. We all have some type of health issue that we want to overcome, we desire more energy and time to do what we need to do and more importantly what we want to do in our lives, we don’t take care of ourselves first and therefore don’t feel as healthy as we would like to be, we put our career before our health.

Your improved health is first and foremost Irma’s priority. Irma treats all different types of health issues. She typically works with career individuals, entrepreneurs and their families, teenagers, and Women who have held back their sexual energies.

Irma has the desired outcome of helping you and your body become more vibrant in health, have more natural energy and resolve your health issues. Some areas in which she is known for are: autism-spectrum-disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Depression Conditions, Eating Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Skin Issues, Weight Loss, Alcoholism and Addictions, Anxiety and Stress Disorders, Low Energy, Fears, Feeling Unfulfilled, Sadness, Loss, Panic Disorders, Skin issues, Sleep Issues, Emotional Issues, Low Self Esteem. Irma has the desired outcome of helping you and your body become more vibrant in health, have more natural energy and resolve your health issues.

She is a graduate of Carleton University (Psychology), York University (Computer Science) and the Hahnemann College of Heilkunst (DHHP, DMH). She is a member of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association (CIHA), the Alliance professionnelle des naturopathes et naturothérapeutes and a relief foster parent for the Children’s Aid Society and a Board Member of childrenatrisk.

A Doctor of Medical Heilkunst

*Is an individual who has the education and experience to access the depth and breadth of this natural system of medicine, Heilkunst;

* Has an understanding of health and dis-ease;

* Knows how to treat health issues and imbalances. Treats the whole person. Her post graduate studies are in Anthroposophical Orgonomy with Novalis Organon.

There is always more to learn and embrace about the human being and its evolution.

Irma is an Independent Univera Associate. www.newunivera.com/1520626

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