About Irma Boyle

Specializing in helping professionals, families and organizations be the healthiest that they can be!

Irma is a natural medicine practitioner having a B.A. in Psychology (Carleton University), having graduated from the Hahnemann College of Heilkunst as a Medical Heilkunst Practitioner, with International Certification in System Dynamics in Organizations (with a background in family constellations). She incorporates the principles of natural medicine and the understanding of family and systems dynamics (work of Bert Hellinger), to help individuals, families and organizations be the healthiest that they can be.

She has a keen interest in brain health. The brain is such a powerful organ in the body. It is important to keep it fed, sharp, cared for, supported during stressful times and given the right nourishment to bounce back. Life is full of stress and trauma and we so often forget that our brains need attention too! She works with Brain Nutrition Therapy to help your brain feel more alive and energized.

Her second passion is with exploring and shifting the effects of family and ancestral influences. So often, our life dynamics lie in ancestral influences and we don’t even realize it. Our ancestral influences can be explored and you know when you have hit on a spot in your life, in your body, or in your soul;  there is an amazing Aha moment, a touching of your soul, an OMG feeling. There is nothing like it. That is when your soul and your life starts shifting to release you from any hidden loyalties or ancestral hooks that you likely don’t even know you had. It is profound work.