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Insurance receipts are issued on request. Policies vary between insurance companies, therefore coverage varies and is totally dependent on the insurance company. Please check with your insurance company for coverage entitlement in this area. Nevertheless, the benefits of increased health are worth the investment in you. Compared to most therapies, Heilkunst has proven to be speedy and lasting—worth every cent of its value.

Appointments are conducted either in person or by phone/skype which makes it practical to conduct appointments anywhere in the world and during any adverse weather conditions.

On site clinics are located in Ottawa.

Heilkunst/Natural Medicine:
The initial Heilkunst/Homeopathy appointment is for 1 hour and some time is taken ahead of time to review your file. During this time, we look at what your weaknesses/symptoms are, the emotions that could be playing their part and your state of mind. A more extensive look at the deeper issues that are causing your health concerns are explored. Other areas that will start to be explored are: nutrition and lifestyle aspects, strengthening your body, strengthening your constitution, any drainage/detoxification considerations, the traumas and events that could be impacting the situation and inherited aspects. Also discussed are your health goals. You leave with your treatment protocol, information, education and homeopathic remedies that are individualized for you.

$180 (1 hour) .

Follow up Heilkunst/Natural Medicine appointments: Due to the rhythmic nature of our body, it usually follows that appointments are at one month intervals. While clearing away deep traumas and repairing the body, our body naturally follows a one month rhythm. This can vary between 3—5 or so weeks, depending on the life force of the individual. These consultations are approximately 30 mins.

A 6 month initial commitment is suggested. There is so much to explore. It is a fabulous education and understanding of how your body is functioning.

Fee: $120

CoRe Analysis is typically 45 mins in duration with additional time spent in advance of the appointment. An informational analysis is performed and discussed with you.

Fee: $165

Weight Release ProgramIndividual and package pricing. Plus the cost of any products.

German New Medicine is incorporated into the various appointments above.

Nutritional Counseling is incorporated into the various appointments above.

Homeopathic Psychology is incorporated into the various appointments above.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments:
48 hours notice is required for any missed or canceled appointment. Missed appointments are billed at the full charge for that appointment and canceled appointments with less than 48 hours notice is a $50 fee. Our time is valuable.