Eating Disorders

Treatment of Eating Disorders involves treating the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally and soul/spiritually. It also involves looking at neuro nutrition (brain nutrition)- what nutrients and nourishment the brain needs.

An eating disorder reflects an obsession with body image and food. This compulsion can be so severe that it becomes the focus of an individual’s entire existence and cripples them from functioning day to day in the real world. It also, over time, can lead to functional disorders and physical weaknesses – a slow self destruction of the body, mind and soul.

What role can natural medicine, brain repair and neuro nutrition play in the treatment of eating disorders? The body and brain has an amazing ability to repair itself. It just needs guidance to do so. This guidance is given through natural medicine, brain repair and brain nourishment. Physical, emotional, mental and soul/spiritual aspects are also considered as the whole person is treated and healed. Eating disorders are not simply a physical or mental issue. It involves the whole person and can have also have inherited ties. As the individual becomes stronger in all areas, the destructive behaviours naturally eliminate themselves. An individual has more inner resources to deal with everyday life and has a healthier feeling and concept of how to be and behave in life. Get to the core and cause of why the compulsion is there in the first place. Whether the issue stems from an emotional, nutritional, genetic or physiological trauma or imbalance, natural medicine has a dramatically positive effect on the individual. Natural Medicine, and Neuro Nutrition is not just treating the symptoms of the eating disorder. It works to heal, repair and create equilibrium in the individual. Therefore, when the system is in a state of balance rather than chaos, the compulsions of starving, bingeing and the delusions of distorted self-image begin to relieve themselves from the body and the mind.  Over time, there can be a complete transformation from terrible suffering to a whole state of vital health. The difference between this and conventional treatments is healing the cause, not suppressing symptoms. Counseling along with  treatment, can be effective in cases where it is needed,  where healing is much more profound and lasting as the medicines used moves the individual to a healthier place.

An involved intake is done to determine the complete picture of the individual. Then the treatment protocol is chosen that matches the individual. Sometimes the source of the eating disorder begins at birth or early childhood. Therefore, healing deep cases may take some time. Although individuals will see some response fairly early in treatment, monthly follow-ups are necessary for a period of time to monitor the state of the individual and ensure long term healing.  Often the practitioner works with a M.D. to monitor the patient’s progress and process.

What some people have to say about the use of natural medicine and Heilkunst in their eating disorders treatment:

1)  Release from the struggle. Find peace as you release
triggers that can create stumbling blocks to recovery. Taking the remedy
brought an immediate sense of calm. I felt settled and no longer in

2)  Being out of the cycle of the food struggle is by far the greatest gift
of the Journey.

3)  Looking elsewhere came naturally to me as the idea of conventional
medicine doesn’t support the wholeness of wellness to me.Trying to
separate the being into minute parts doesn’t honour us as a whole being.
Heilkunst is very much congruent with Holistic approach to well being
versus the allopathic system of seeing one practitioner for the thumb and
another for the baby finger.

4)  Through Irma’s support and Heilkunst I have
been able to work through life issues and achieved a stronger sense of
self worth, and confidence. I believe it has encouraged me to do things
that I would have shied away from before. As the healing process evolves
so does personal growth. Truly a nurturing journey to health and