Organizational dynamics offers a multi-dimensional approach to examining:

  • what is occurring in an organization,
  • exploring what really is the problem,
  • what could be hidden blocks or dynamics,
  • how things are flowing and
  • understanding the dynamics in an organization.

It could also involve testing the idea of a new product, a new division, or exploring different possibilities for a clearer outcome and direction.

Organizational dynamics helps to clearly understand:

  • What is,
  • What are the problems – see the language of the organization that is revealing the clues to what is going on,
  • What are the clues and symptoms that reveal the underlying root problems or dynamics within an organization, what is keeping your business stuck,
  • The difference in what is within an organizational chart and what is actually occurring
  • Who are the hidden leaders and who are brittle leaders
  • Why repeated patterns are occurring – eg. revolving position, inertia, difficulty with leadership, lack of role clarity, high staff turnover, conflict and challenging symptoms and behaviours, high absenteeism, lack of motivation, cliques, too many accidents

These are signs of system issues and offer a window into the underlying forces at play.

The objective is a clear move forward plan that you can step into with confidence. 

Organizational or system health is a system with human and business vitality where everyone is acknowledged, they are in their rightful place, with a balance of what each individual and team gives and what they receive. Everyone feels safe, respected and able to relax into their own authority and willingly support the healthy operation of the organization. Leaders feel empowered, respected and useful. Each person in the organization knows that they are occupying a respected role that has its place, a secure and trusted place and they are motivated to do their best.

When health is absent, so are the people and their contribution. They are not fully present and so don’t bring their talents and experience fully to their jobs. Trust, loyalty and motivation are missing or unreliable.

If you have a desire to be a healthier organization and have healthier individuals within it, then this is an approach for you.

Visionary leaders are recognizing that there is something more to explore than the obvious.

Understanding = sight = success. Sighted leaders create dream teams.

On Boarding and Off Boarding Employees