Health, Medical and Life Issues

All types of health, life and medical issues are addressed with Heilkunst. Symptoms, feelings, functions, sensations, thoughts, events, life happenings, behaviours, relationships are all pieces of important information that are used in understanding the dynamics of what is going on and being able to design an individualized treatment protocol for you. The true success comes from working at the root causes of the health issues and helping the body – physical, emotional, mental and soul/spiritual to come back more into harmony and improved health. All of this information and more is taken into account for treatment of the whole person.

Specific Programs of treatment include: (please refer to the full list of ailments and conditions that can be treated with Heilkunst)

Alcoholism and Addictions

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Eating Disorders
Developmental Delays
Digestive Issues
Hormonal Issues



Low Energy


Low Self Esteem



As well as:

  • Young Adult Health
    A special health and medical program designed for high school, college and university aged adults. Experienced a more vibrant, successful life when you invest in your overall health