An organization is a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open systems–they affect and are affected by their environment. An Organization is a system that is put together to create something greater than is possible alone. Each organization interacts with many other systems – customers, suppliers, partner organizations etc.

Your organization could be your work, business,  your family, your community.
Organizational or systems health is a sense of vitality in both the human and commercial dimensions of a business and is predicated on a number of things being aligned: on a number of natural forces being acknowledged and attended to. These systemic influences and forces make themselves known, make themselves felt, in a number of unusual but strangely familiar ways.

John Whittington


Healthy Organizational Systems have certain key characteristics:

  • Everyone is acknowledged for their contribution
  • Difficulties are spoken about and learned from
  • Roles are created in conscious connection with the purpose of the whole system
  • Everyone feels comfortable in their place and there is order to the system
  • Everything has its rightful place
  • Leaders feel empowered, respected and useful
  • There is a balance of giving and receiving
  • Everyone feels safe, feels like they are a contributor and being appreciated. They feel part of a secure and trusted system and have their place in it. They are then able to relax into their own authority and apply it, willingly for the good of the system


Unhealthy Organizational Systems have certain key characteristics:

  • When health is absent, so are the people. People are not bringing all of their talents and experience fully to the business
  • Unconscious resistance
  • Trust, energy, loyalty and motivation are missing or unreliable.
  • Rivalries exist
  • There is distrust and conflict and individuals experience high levels of stress
  • The system may grown however it may become more difficult to work in and more people experience difficulty in their role
  • Leaders aren’t respected
  • The business is losing its competitive advantage or suffering inertia
  • Imbalance of workload
  • The organization chart says one thing, yet something else is occurring


The behaviours of the individuals, teams, products and services are signposts for what is really going on at the level of the system – the level of the organizing forces  (system language). Organizations have unseen psychological and energetic ties. They can be felt and seen through behaviours and attitudes. Organizational Systems endeavour to right themselves, It is in learning to see and speak the organizational systems language within your organization where you will find the answers and solutions. Liberating energy brings fresh clarity across organizational systems large and small. It supports the flow of leadership, team and organizational health. Supporting the leaders, supports a healthy system character.


Change won’t happen unless it is supported by the organizational system and required for its own health and survival.


Unfortunately, given the linear thinking that predominates in most organizations, interventions usually focus on symptomatic quick fixes, not underlying causes. This results in only temporary relief and it tends to create still more pressures later on for further, low-leverage interventions.  Peter Senge


Coaching with the whole system in mind can add a fresh perspective and real value. This is a systems approach to Organizational Health.


There is a universal language of systems that we can learn how to speak. It is speaking to us, we have just forgotten how to converse with it.


I can help you to understand your organizational language, find clarity, speak your new found language and bring about a healthier functioning organization.