Reveal your Unconscious

We may never know the full range and power of the unconscious, but there are ways to explore its landscape. Your life, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, actions and experiences gives you so much information about what is going on inside of you.

Did you know that you are driven by your unconscious? And you thought you were consciously in the drivers seat. There are actually hidden drivers at the wheel.

Why should you listen to your unconscious mind? If you are happy with your impulses, your life, your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, actions and life experiences, then you will not feel a need to do so. However, if you aren’t, digging deeper is in order.

Safely revealing and healing what is underneath the surface, gives you more freedom within yourself and within your life.

Here is an exercise for you to start revealing some unconscious forces at play:

  • Create a timeline of your life. What has been happening in your life.
  • Gather the stories within your family. Who has a secret, any miscarriages, abortions, any crimes big or small, accidents, traumas etc.

Start there and then give me a call and lets get going on the healing process.