Modern Medicine: Heilkunst, Natural Medicine:
Helping you be the healthiest that you can be! Treating all types of conditions, ailments, illnesses with modern and natural medicine. For those individuals who are interested in using natural medicine to treat their health issues, in conjunction with conventional medicine or on its own. I work with individuals who recognize that investing in their health is an important investment. Career individuals and their families who feel that using natural medicine is something valuable and important for their health. I look for improvements in health at each appointment. The end result is more vibrant health, more natural energy and resolving of health issues.

Family Constellations

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Are there issues at home or at work that just won’t go away, however carefully you think them through and try to resolve them?

The aim of Family Constellations is to find the hidden dynamics of our family systemic entanglements and to show a specific fact of your life in a different way. We can then recognize that we are all part of the destiny of the people we are related to, whether we know them or not. Deep down, we are lovingly linked to all of the members of our clan through invisible identifications and loyalties. Hidden loyalties are fascinating and once they are brought to the surface, it is a WOW feeling, a realization that you now know something that you didn’t have access to before and then are able to make the shifts in your life to disentangle yourself!

Systems and Organizational Dynamics and Health

Organizational dynamics offers a multi-dimensional approach to examining what is occurring in an organization, exploring what really is the problem, what could be hidden blocks or dynamics, how things are flowing and understanding the dynamics in an organization. It could involve testing the idea of a new product, exploring different possibilities for a clearer outcome and directions.

Brain Health

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: brain fog, loss of focus, loss of memory, or depression. Do you fatigue easily from reading, driving, or working? Do you crave sweets, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, carbs? Are you feeling like you just can’t seem to get going? Your drive is down? Your zest for life is down? Don’t waste another day wondering why your brain isn’t working the way you would like it to!


Anthroposophical Orgonomy

Combining anthroposophical medicine and orgonomy for a much more complete approach to the treatment of dis-ease or ill health and the understanding of the fullness of health.

CoRe Bioresonance:
State of-the-Art analysis and balancing in Information Medicine

German New Medicine ®:
Used to identify possible psychological causes that could be impacting health. This understanding is naturally incorporated in consultations when it is needed.

Exploring the depths of the unconscious, addressing the unconscious drivers:
Each individual looks at life differently and issues are explored, dealt with and removed. This works fabulously with other modalities or can be done on its own with great success.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching:
An important part of health is how we nourish ourselves. It is the grounding on which the physical body operates and also includes nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

A list of conditions and ailments

Weight Release Program

Setting you up for a successful weight release program.

Health, Medical and Life Programs:
Programs offered by Irma Boyle

Health Education:
Understanding the Dynamics of Health & Dis-Ease

Be Healthy at Work:
Are you looking to return to work in a much stronger and healthier state?