Energy Psychology

Each individual looks at life differently and their picture and life story has its ups and downs. It is typically the aspects relating to the downs that need a bit of tweaking.

Energy medicine can be used to help with such things as:

* relationships,
* distortions of reality,
* addictions,
* behavioural issues,
* feelings of lack of: abandonment, love, achievement, appreciation;
* the need for: trust, immediate fulfillment of needs,
* easy disappointments,
* emotional wounding,
* disability,
* feelings of orphanhood,
* the need to belong,
* need for a secure environment,
* difficulty achieving self reliance,
* excessive consistency,
* panic and anxiety attacks,
* blocked creativity,
* unable to enjoy the simple things in life and affected by melancholy.

Energy medicine can be used on their own in Heilkunst consultations and alternatively alongside any type of counseling. They help an individual move through an issue with effectiveness and ease.