Here are just a few examples of what clients have to say about their investment in their health as they journey to better health with Irma, Medical Heilkunst, System Dynamics and Family Constellations:


From Suffering to Getting My Life Back!

When I first met Irma Boyle of Health Dynamics my overall health was lacking in many ways. Suffering from a Herniated Disk and Sciatica was wearing me down physically and mentally. My hormones were also out of balance as was my confidence and self esteem. Irma was able to manage my pain and balance out all my issues so I could resume my active way of life and resume my employment. I highly recommend partnering with Irma of Health Dynamics in order to get your life back!  Active Mom and Interior Designer


I recommend Irma to Executives, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders – Get the Wealth of Health You Deserve

“Irma spoke at the Women Business Owners IDEX forum.  Her topic: “Energy for

Entrepreneurs-Glowing from the Inside Out”. She encouraged us to become aware
of what our bodies need. Listen to little aches and pains. Don’t mask them.
Instead get to the root cause and fix them for good.
Irma has designed her work and life to be congruent with her teachings, values
and results…she really does walk her talk. I would recommend Irma to other
executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders who need help in getting the
wealth of health they want and deserve.”

Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Financial Adisor
Raymond James Ltd.


More than I ever expected

I initially looked to alternative medicine to help identify and treat digestive dysfunction.  As I searched for a provider, I came upon Irma’s website.  I remember being very interested in the fact that the Heilkunst approach treats the entire being and not just the physical symptoms.  As a health professional myself, I know all too well how our psychological state can profoundly impact our physical state.

I walked away from my initial assessment feeling that Irma had been very attentive, thorough and had a clear handle on what I needed to start doing for my recovery.  This impression has held strong over the past 5 months.   In my particular case the physical digestive dysfunction was a manifestation of mostly emotional turmoil.  I continue to be surprised at the layers that are unfolding before my eyes!  The remedies are a wonderful tool to bring on and assist the healing process.

The benefit I am most proud of has been Irma’s ability to gently nudge and facilitate my introspection.  I have discovered and re-discovered so many things about myself!  This has helped me to begin shaping my life in a healthier and more balanced direction, getting rid of habits and attitudes, both physical and emotional, that no longer serve their purpose in my quest for holistic health.

Whatever your health issue may be, I strongly encourage you to consult with Irma and find out how she and the Heilkunst approach can positively impact your life!

Incredible results in such a short time
Fibromyalgia, Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Amenorrhea, Lack of Concentration, Zero Energy (many etceteras…).   If you are “living” with these or any other physical, emotional or spiritual maladies, and they are having a negative impact on your life, I strongly encourage you to contact Irma for a consultation!  What have you got to lose?  A lot, I suspect!

I’ve been seeing Irma for 4 months now.  She is compassionate, intuitive, and a wonderful teacher.  She asks pertinent questions that give you pause for thought and cause you to look inward – I had no idea that past life experiences had such an effect on my present health, and I’m thrilled that she’s my guide along that healing path.

The results of Irma’s care have been incredible for such a short timeframe:

  • My blood pressure is now consistently within normal ranges.
  • My blood sugar is more even keeled.
  • I was menstruating every 2 weeks for 2 weeks at a time and was totally exhausted – my haemoglobin level had dropped to 6 (suggested normal range is 20 to 30!)  I no longer suffer from excruciating menstrual cramps and haemorrhaging, and haven’t had a period for the last 2 months – wow!
  • I no longer need any of the medications I was taking to “manage” my Fibromyalgia – Lyrica, Amytryptolyne, and Meloxicam and, ironically, I feel so much better.   I still experience pain and swelling some days, but now feel strong enough to handle those symptoms with the help of Irma’s all-natural remedies.
  • I could go on!

I feel a tremendous positive shift occurring between myself and the universe.   My friends tell me they can see these changes in my face and that I look more like the “old” me these days, and my daughter says I’m regaining my sense of humour and am carrying myself with more confidence.   I look forward to even more powerful changes as my health is restored and augmented with Irma’s care.

I went to Irma seeking relief for physical ailments, but ended up with so much more than I bargained for!   If you are interested in revitalizing your life, please don’t hesitate to contact her – you are so worth it!

His anxiety level has gone down and his need for ADHD medication is nil
For all the parents of children with a diagnosis of anything on the autistic spectrum, I would like to inspire a bit of hope. Although we love our children as they are, regardless of behaviour issues, physical and mental issues, there is a way to reach your child even more. Traditional medicine as it is today, does not offer this kind of individual treatment. Medications that were invented for adults are prescribed to our kids to inhibit their true selves from coming out. This is a short but sweet description of how my son has come to be more than what the doctors and myself have ever expected.

Michael was diagnosed with the label of PDD-NOS with severe ADHD. From my own perspective he was just Michael being Michael. The school system brought to our attention that Michael did not fit into a regular school program and therefore to continue we were to get a psychiatric evaluation done. Since then I have always questioned their diagnosis.

Living with a child that has suddenly been labeled brought anxiety to our family. We now have to change our expectations of Michael to suit the school system. I always and to this day believe that most of my son’s behaviour issues are brought on by anxiety and sensitivities to the world.

A year ago I was introduced to homeopathy in attending workshops for alternative medicine and realized that Heilkunst treatments was something we should try.

Michael has been in Heilkunst therapy for about six months now. His anxiety level has gone down and his need for ADHD medication is nil. He is more verbal, playful, curious, and loving than before. His school program is classroom inclusive and he is participating even more than last year.

The most wonderful experience so far as a result of the treatment is being able to have a conversation with Michael. He looks at me when he talks to me and asks questions. His ability to engage in a conversation for even a minute was far from anyones expectations.

Micheal has long way to go with the rest of his treatments and I am looking forward to an incredible future with my happy son.

I feel that Heilkunst has helped me to progress to holistic wellness.
As I continue to journey toward holistic wellness. I have explored a number of other alternatives to allopathic medicine. My approach to life is healthy eating, healthy living. My past was not as my present is. I suffered years ago of anorexia and then made the switch to bulimia which I lived with on and off for decades. Likely as a result of poor self- care, further health issues began to emerge. Many of these percolated and appeared on the skin surface. Of course as skin is our outward expression of self when things go wrong there it is very hard to ignore. Life’s issues are literally staring you in the face. In search of remedying these issues I came to find Irma Boyle and the wonders of Heilkunst Medicine. Through the course of my remedies the most profound results were in finding freedom from the battle of bulimia. In the past I would go through long periods of perceived freedom. I call it perceived as underneath there was always an inner dialogue about what foods I shouldn’t eat and the guilt feelings associated with those foods. This type of inner dialogue would often lead to a relapse. Since beginning the course of remedies the inner dialogue is no longer. In its place is an acceptance and strength. I no longer have the need to self- sabotage. I feel that Heilkunst has helped me to progress to holistic wellness. I look forward to a continued journey to healing, happiness and wholeness.

Irma has really opened my eyes.
The results I have achieved include clearing deeper emotional angst. Irma has really opened my eyes and mind to what has been underlying throughout my life. I surmise this to be a cause and effect premise. I’m truly benefiting from her insight and ongoing work of “peeling the onion”. Discovery and clarity have become my Heilkunst mantra!

I feel stronger.
I have been working with Irma Boyle, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst for several months. From my first visit I have been experiencing positive changes each month. I am more calm, sleep more soundly, approach issues more directly, and am developing a greater understanding of my mind, body and spiritual self. I have noted that the additional energy that I have is more focused and I am using that energy effectively, rather than just keeping busy. More specifically, I am experiencing more abundance in my life and have just recently aced a major career changing interview with confidence. I feel stronger, better able to cope and more deserving than I have ever felt. The results are subtle, yet positive. I am invigorated with constructive energy and I now enjoy time to myself without feeling lonely. Since I have started working with Irma, I have stopped taking prescription and over the counter drugs as sleep aids or pain relievers. I am using only natural products as recommended by Irma and as a result I am more aware of my own cycles, aches, pains and reasons for not sleeping. I am more attuned to my own body and mind and as a result I believe that I am healthier.

Great news!
I’m already sleeping better and not waking up sneezing at 5 am like clockwork. My allergies are gone! I have been working with Irma Boyle on specific health goals for the last year. At each of my consultations with Irma, I have found her to be an inquiring and attentive listener. Her approach is thorough and effective. She is easy to talk to and clearly committed to her clients. I confidently recommend Irma’s expertise.

I found my voice and feel more balanced and centered.
The best part of the journey with Irma and Heilkunst has been a year after treatment, my day does not start with an antihistamine and 4 cups of coffee to feel normal. I no longer rely on stimulants to create energy. I am surprised at the ongoing benefits even after I finished treatment. The change has been lasting. I have experienced overall better health and a positive emotional outlook. The process included looking back at all my health issues and the events in my life that effected my health as opposed to just addressing ‘present symptoms’. I feel healthier and therefore happier and energetic and a lot less stressed.

I can clearly measure the results.
The best part of working with Irma and Heilkunst has been the amazing results and how quickly I experienced results. I found my voice and feel more balanced and centered. I can clearly measure the results. Others see me as more centered which is changing my self perception. Irma has an excellent way of drawing things out of me. I had no idea the positive effect to my emotional health that the treatments would have. I only expected to improve my physical sense of wellness.

It’s working.
Before I honestly didn’t know what to do. Generally no side effects from what I’m given to get better. Now I can sleep like a normal person in a bed! I don’t experience the pains anymore where I had my gallbladder removed. My varicose vein pains have improved immensely! I think clearer! My emotions are calmer! I can breathe! WOW! With all of my health issues I’ve been working with regular as well as specialized Doctors for many years. From the first month working with Irma Boyle and Heilkunst, I felt more energized, my pains decreased & was finally able to have almost normal bowel movements from having experienced IBS.